Bertram Christensen


22-year-old Bosun Bertram is an integral member of the permanent crew for the circumnavigation. He grew up in both Copenhagen and Holbæk with his parents, brother and sister.

He has spent the last two years, travelling, spending time at home with family and friends or sailing on private yachts around the world. He was also part of the crew who brought Oceans of Hope to Copenhagen to prepare for her voyage.

He is also in charge of providing blogs, media and satellite communications on board the yacht when they are under sail. 

In his spare time he enjoys kayaking and spending time with family and friends after time away.

When asked what he’s looking forward to about the voyage, Bertram said, “We've been building up for this so hard for so long that right now, all I want is to be on the open sea. Leave back all the little issues and just get going. Also I really enjoy being a part of a project that combines such a great experience with helping other people, which has always been very important to me.” 

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