Christina Lamb Sidell


Christina Lamb Sidell, 39, is a wife and mother of a wonderful, energetic 3 year old, from the Burlington, Vermont area in the United States. Sailing is the one place she feels peaceful and free.

Christina was diagnosed with MS in 2010 when she developed optic neuritis.  After going through all the stages of grief, she now views this disease as a challenge. In her own words:

“What can I do? How far can I go? What haven’t I done that I still want to do? How can we work around this unknown thing…the ticking bomb that may or may not ever go off? I take action and seize the day.”

Christina has been sailing since she was born, racing since she was 7 years old and she is excited to be part of this amazing experience that shows the world that people with MS can do anything they put their minds to.


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