Claus Buhl Nielsen


Claus Buhl Nielsen, 45, is a senior surgeon at the Gastrounits surgical department at Copenhagen University Hospital. He is specialized in laparoscopic surgery for cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases. He has been a doctor for 17 years.

Claus grew up in North Jutland with the North Sea as his neighbor. 20 years ago Claus went on a boat trip on a small Nordic Folkboat to Bornholm with Mikkel Anthonisen, the Founder of the Oceans of Hope project. Bornholm has now been replaced with Australia and the Folkboat with a Challenge 67. The biggest difference though is the aim to push the limits of what you can accomplish in spite of a disease like MS. Claus is looking forward to joining a great team that through sailing experiences will help to change the perceptions of MS.

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