Peter Bosch


Peter was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1996. Equipment like an MRI wasn’t available at that time and it took eight years before the first symptoms became visible. Symptoms like facial paralysis, dysfunction of one of his legs, but most of all fatigue. Peter feels lucky that he doesn’t have severe adverse effects of MS, “I can still walk and function in society. Although I accepted the MS very quickly I soon was confronted with pains and I was suffering physically and mentally. Right now the MS is stable so I can work more or less three hours a day”.

Peter was educated as a semi-professional military man. After that he worked as a policeman at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam and in between jobs he worked with many different things to make a living.

From 1990 till 2003 he became an operational warehouse manager, but after 2003 he wasn’t able to take full shifts anymore, “at that time I talked with my employer and we decided that I should receive training to become an advisor of dangerous goods”.

Sport has always been a big deal in Peter’s life, “I liked to play ricochet and Judo, but my favorite sport was playing as an offensive tackle in one of the first American football teams in the Netherlands.”

Music is another of Peter’s loves, “music gives so much joy in life. I like to listen all kinds of music. I like everything between house and classic between reggae and jazz and blues. I also play the piano”, he says.

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