Trille Anne-Grethe Dohn


Anne-Grete Dohn grew up in North-Zealand, Denmark. In 1983, at the age of twenty-eight she was struck by her first attack of sclerosis. At that time, she was employed as a musical teacher and as a musician.

Without warning she suddenly lost all sense of feeling in one arm, and for some time she had to give up playing the guitar. Wonderingly, she accepted the doctor’s explanations, that the reason for her paralysis was over-exertion and muscular infiltrations. She began to see a relaxation teacher, and after a brief period of treatments, her symptoms disappeared.

Inspired by this experience Anne-Grete decided to compliment her musical conservatory education with an education as a relaxation teacher. During these studies, she gave life to her daughter, now 27 years old.

When Anne-Grete had finished her education, she got a job at a sports high school. That involved lots of sailing and Anne-Grete took to sailing herself. However, she had little time to learn properly at the time.

After some time at the sports high school, Anne-Grete decided to quit her job, because she felt ill and increasingly exhausted. She moved back to Zealand and got a job at a musical school. Shortly after she encountered problems with her eyesight, and while they were examined she was given the diagnosis for multiple sclerosis, nine years after her first attack.

In 2013, she discovered an article about the project “Sailing Sclerosis” written in the Sclerosis Society’s magazine.  She went to a meeting to hear Mikkel Anthonisen explain his idea.   

She took up his challenge to participate in the summer course in sailing arranged by the Egmont High-School, and she got quite hooked on the idea of sailing.

Following up on this she entered the sailing club SKB. Today she sails with other members of “Sailing Sclerosis” in “The Royal Sailing Academy”.

Apart from that, she is continuously employed as a pedagogical staff member at the musical school.

She likes to spend her spare-time with friends and her eight-month-old grandson.

Her sailing skills are still limited. However, by now, having just celebrated her 60th birthday, she feels that being on a sailing ship is among the most invigorating things to do. That is why she looks forward to sailing with Oceans of Hope this September, on her passage from Ambarli to Rome. 



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