November, 2014

"Highs and Lows, Ups and Downs - Blog by Nicola" 30. Nov"You Never Know What You Get - Blog by Chris" 29. Nov"Oceans of Hope Newsletter" 28. Nov"To Florida! - Blog by Jérôme" 27. Nov"Is this the real life or is this just fantasy? - blog by Kaj" 26. Nov"Off the Water - Oceans of Hope Hauled for a Check" 25. Nov"First Taste of Sailing Oceans of Hope - blog by Nicola" 24. Nov"Joining the Crew in Charleston - Blog by Jette" 23. Nov"Weathering Storms - at Sea and in Life - Blog by Cara" 21. Nov"A Bit of Life From New York to Charleston - Blog By Kaj" 19. Nov"YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN! Captain's blog by Dr. Mikkel Anthonisen" 19. Nov"At Sea: Chris Shares the Feelings of Heading Offshore" 17. Nov"Last Day in New York City - Blog by Christina" 16. Nov"Busy Times in the Big Apple" 15. Nov"Report from a Cabin – Same but Different - Blog by Iben and Christina" 14. Nov"Crew Takes in Manhattan!" 13. Nov"Crew Visits the Tisch MS Research Center of New York" 13. Nov"It cannot be explained - Blog by Claus Christiansen" 12. Nov"Oceans of Hope Yacht Arrives in New York City" 11. Nov"I Needed to Remember That a New Day Would Arrive - Blog by Cara Lauer" 10. Nov"Oyster Bay and Other Colorful Bays - Blog by Bertram" 09. Nov"Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone - Blog by Christina" 09. Nov"A Big Day of Sailing for the New Crew - Blog by Chris Sidell" 08. Nov"The Magic Moment I Have Been Waiting For - Blog by Iben Skydt" 07. Nov"So Many Open Doors for Me - blog by Eva Gerwing" 06. Nov"New Perspectives: A Unique Report from a Couple Living with MS" 05. Nov"Thankful and Proud - Blog by Kaj Bjerre Westphal" 04. Nov"Back to Sea - Blog by Eva Gerwing" 03. Nov"Hello Again Dignity - Blog by Helle Kirstine Rosenmeier" 02. Nov

August, 2014

"The secret is out" 29. Aug""Welcomed with iced drinks"" 28. Aug"Help us to leave MS ashore!" 27. Aug"Stepping onto dry land after 17 days at sea" 27. Aug"A strange feeling" 27. Aug"Racing the weather" 26. Aug"Land will soon be in sight" 26. Aug"Life at an angle" 25. Aug"Persistence and endurance" 25. Aug"More and more wind" 24. Aug"When true character shows" 24. Aug"Eager to be sailing properly again!" 23. Aug"Day 13 of the Atlantic crossing" 22. Aug"Leaving a lasting legacy" 22. Aug""In a state of WOW"" 21. Aug"Fishing and wishing" 21. Aug"Change of course" 20. Aug"Poetry on the high seas" 20. Aug"It's getting hot out here" 19. Aug"Half-way point" 19. Aug"Secret plans hatched onboard" 18. Aug"20 hour roller coaster" 18. Aug"An exciting new vista" 17. Aug"The biggest waves yet" 16. Aug"It's more than a feeling!!" 16. Aug"Mutiny on Oceans of Hope" 15. Aug"Swimming in the middle of the ocean" 15. Aug"Come sailing with us in Boston!" 14. Aug"Suddenly a big tear ran through the sail" 14. Aug"The moon that sees everything..." 14. Aug""Another day at the office"" 13. Aug"The big blue and the big orange" 13. Aug"Our course is set directly on Bermuda!" 12. Aug"An easy day at sea" 12. Aug""The view has grown and the horizon expanded"" 11. Aug"Diving on Madeira" 11. Aug"Underway again after "awesome" Madeira pit stop" 10. Aug"Atlantic crossing stage one complete" 08. Aug"Now I know why I decided to do this..." 08. Aug"A change in the weather" 07. Aug"Taking a new perspective on life" 07. Aug"Heading towards Madeira" 06. Aug"The water really is more blue" 06. Aug"Time to cross the Atlantic" 05. Aug"Hope Parade flash mob as Oceans of Hope sails from Lisbon" 02. Aug"New crew arrive for Atlantic voyage" 01. Aug

July, 2014

"Oceans of Hope open to the public in Lisbon" 31. Jul"Passing the torch" 30. Jul"Welcoming new friends on board" 29. Jul"Official welcome as Oceans of Hope arrives in Portuguese capital" 28. Jul"Stand by Lisbon, we're on our way" 28. Jul"A hard journey but worth every minute" 27. Jul"Finishing the electrical work on board" 26. Jul"A day trip to historic Sintra" 26. Jul"A surprise visitor" 25. Jul"Powerful, adventurous people" 25. Jul"Getting ready for the Atlantic" 24. Jul"A beautiful view of the stars" 24. Jul"Days like these" 22. Jul"Best seats in the house" 22. Jul"Thoughts of things to come" 21. Jul"Three countries in six days" 21. Jul"From Rebeira to Porto" 20. Jul"The dancing of the waves" 20. Jul"Under way to Porto" 19. Jul"Goodbye after five magical weeks" 19. Jul"Life if never boring at sea" 18. Jul"Delays, dentists and dolphins" 18. Jul"Light sailing, little work" 15. Jul"“One for the boat and one for you”" 15. Jul"Au revoir La Rochelle; Lisbon, here we come!" 14. Jul"Merci La Rochelle" 14. Jul"Four weeks, four countries, global impact" 13. Jul"Dancing with joy" 12. Jul"Warm and noisy welcome for Oceans of Hope in La Rochelle" 10. Jul"Just 10 miles from La Rochelle" 10. Jul"Always be ready for change" 10. Jul""We saw our first dolphins!!!"" 09. Jul"On board sailing school" 09. Jul"The power of team work" 08. Jul"Bumpy start to Portsmouth to La Rochelle leg" 07. Jul"Still waters at the end of the day" 07. Jul"Inspirational crew of Oceans of Hope bids farewell to Portsmouth" 06. Jul"Local sailors get on board in Portsmouth" 04. Jul"Oceans of Hope arrives in historic maritime city of Portsmouth" 03. Jul"Ship shape for Portsmouth arrival" 02. Jul"Spit and polish" 01. Jul