An unexpected invitation to join Oceans Of Hope

OoH May 21, 2016, by

My husband went on his usual morning bike-ride around the harbour in Skagen (he can't help it). He sees Oceans Of Hope.

Ole knows a little about the project, because I have been telling him about it. Last year I was thinking about joining the crew on a leg, but I discarded the idea, because I have too little sailing experience. But a week ago I got the chance quite unexpectedly.

I met the Oceans Of Hope skipper, Mikkel, on the harbour and offered filets of plaice for the crew. Things evolved and suddenly Ole and I were packing for a quick trip Skagen - Oslo. Ole is a fisherman, - always has been, and was keen to try sailing by sail, even though he never tried it before.

As a fisherman Ole is used to all kinds of weather and he had a couple of amazing days on board. I, on the other hand, became seasick for most of the day and night, and found out that I can deal with that, as long as it's not everyday. We arrived at Oslo after these amazing days with the crew, that we are now part of.

A million thanks for wonderful days that we will never forget.

Ole & Britta.

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