Magic in the night

OoH May 16, 2016, by in Yacht

12 m/sec, 250 sqm of sail, 45 tons and 67 feet of powerwoman - Oceans of Hope cuts  through the night like a dream.

It's night and the sky is clear. The half moon following us. She seems to have an approving smile on her face. There is an abundance of stars in the sky, reminding me, how little of this wonder that is available to us city-people.

It feels like we are all alone on Skagerak. There is not a single vessel in sight. Profoundly and strangely, this sense of being alone makes me feel deeply connected. To the crew,to the Safran Lady, that is carrying us with such beauty and grace, - and with the rest of the universe.

I feel in my core and in my heart the resonant and simple truth in the expression: "we are all one".

We are on our way from Skagen to Oslo. Half the crew is suffering from seasickness. But no one is complaining - just repeating the frequent statements of gratitude of being part of this amazing story, that is the legacy of Oceans of Hope. We have frequent conversations evolving around the hope, that we will be able to find sponsors, that will allow this magical and empowering fairytale to continue.

I pray for this continually, and I hope that you will join me in those prayers.

As we get closer to the Norwegian shore, the seasickness subsides and my fellow sailors get back on the deck, stating: Sailing is such a wonderful thing - I never imagined, that something like this would be possible for me.

By Christel

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