Nothing less than fantastic

OoH May 18, 2016, by

It was an amazing sail into Oslo, by a fresh and cool northernly wind up through the Fjord. Bright sun and high moods. Norway was SO ready for our arrival. Or maybe it was because we arrived on the eve before the national holiday 17th of May.

We harboured at Kongelig Norsk Seilforening. Another super parking of "the lady", weighing 45 tons.

Three fantastic days were waiting for us in Oslo. The spontaneous champagne invitation on the roof terrace of a Danish/Norwegian couple. Children and grownups in national costumes, music, parades, the whole city was a party. A very good time in the cockpit and a touching and emotional tune from Ole, before Ole and Britta went home to Skagen. EMSP Conference with the important and inspiring message of empowerment. Hosting "taster-sails", with 15 people getting the opportunity to get the feel of what Oceans of Hope is all about.

We experienced 3 days filled with unique, happy moments in this well known spirit that is the hallmark of Oceans of Hope. Full of magic!

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