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So, we are on our way again!

OoH May 13, 2016, by Iben Skydt in Yacht

It’s been half a year of winter hibernation and now, once again, Oceans of Hope has Kronborg on port side. It feels like a long time, since we returned from our circumnavigation a foggy day in November-, at that time, with Kronborg at starboard. The lights are lost in the dark and we are on our way.

The continuation of our circumnavigation is now going on in Scandinavian waters. This time, we are going to Oslo due to the EMSP (European MS Platform) yearly Spring Conference 17-18/5. Once again, it is an amazing feeling to throw the bow line and set off on our journey. It’s with a huge sense of gratefulness that I sit here watching Kattegat.

Some routines feel completely naturel and some I’ve forgotten during winter, - they slowly return to my memory ,- the joy and the happiness is the same as the first time I put my feet on The Safran Lady in November 2014. Mr. Perkins (the main engine) and Helmuth (the autopilot) are still doing their best,- and the toilets are, as usual, not functioning convincingly. It feels safe to be back.

We have been invited by General Secretary at the Norwegian Royal Sailing Union, Anders Kristensen and we are really grateful about the facilities given us. As we did during the circumnavigation we are offering Tastersails in the Oslo inlet the 16th and 18th of May. Once again, it will be possible for people suffering from MS to get a sense of what it is like to be at sea.

The ending of the circumnavigation was truly the end of the beginning;- we have now begun the next chapter.

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