Stormy Denmark - Sæby

Adopt the pace of nature - her secret is patience (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Aug 10, 2018, by Patricia Lufkin

After sailing through the night Thursday from Aarhus to Saeby, it was wonderful to wake at our leisure this morning to the sounds of the wind and the rocking motion of the boat. 

Although we are planning to sail today to Strandby, the weather has different plans for us.  With a mean wind of 15 meters per second and gusts up to 25 meters per seconds, we have decided to embrace the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson and “Adopt the pace of nature” and postpone our departure from Saeby until the evening when the winds have calmed. 

With the afternoon free we are excited to visit Saeby Church, a former monastery known for its chalk paintings and that dates back to 1470 and explore the quaint, medieval town and seaside.

(By Patty Dufkin)

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