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NEW PROJECT UNDER WAY – Oceans of Hope Arctic Expedition

Dec 05. 2016

The next Oceans of Hope project is born. We are going to explore the Arctic Sea and combining our way of creating results and taking care of each other and at the same time tell the story of the state of the planet.

On the Oceans of Hope Circumnavigation we showed ourselves and the world how creating a strong community with dedication and commitment could change the lives of people – empowering and reviving all of us. Around the world – back to life! We sailed the beautiful blue oceans. And we also experienced the painful fact that the oceans are suffering.

Oceans of Hope Arctic Expedition will apply the same responsibility towards the environment as we have always done towards each other.

We are going to sail the Arctic waters from Denmark to the coastline of Norway, further north to Svalbard, westward to the eastern coast of Greenland, back south via Iceland and the Faroe Islands to Norway and Denmark. The Oceans of Hope Arctic expedition will be an even harder challenge than sailing around the world. The Arctic sea is tough. But we will meet the challenge and help each other to make our community even stronger and living out our values.

As you have heard me say many times the world is full of good intention not put into action. Oceans of Hope puts the good intention into action! We do the necessary preparations and take all the safety precautions possible. And then we do it / and then we face the challenge.

We have to act now – for the sake of ourselves and for the sake of future generations on our blue planet. Oceans of Hope Arctic Expedition is about human endeavour to embrace life and to protect and preserve nature

- Mikkel Anthonisen, founder