Dontation or Sponsership

Dec 10. 2016

Should you have any questions regarding contributions and donations, or do you want to engage in a sponsorship, do not hesitate to contact me at or +(45) 2617 2057.

Oceans of Hope initiatives

Initiated and organized by Robert Munns, who sailed the leg across the Pacific Ocean with Oceans of Hope, the Oceans of Hope Challenge 2016 in Turkey was a huge success. Robert is planning the next Oceans of Hope Challenge 2017, this time in Croatia and already many people with MS have applied. Read more on


Sailing Sclerosis & Royal Danish Yachtclub

Initiated already back in 2013, Sailing Sclerosis and Royal Danish Yachtclub started a partnership. Every week a large group of people with MS go sailing in smaller boats like J 80 and DS 37. Read more on


Partnership with Oure Sport & Performance

Sailing Sclerosis and Oceans of Hope just announced a partnership with the Danish Sports School, Oure Sport & Performance, inviting the trainees from their sailing courses to help build up the Oceans of hope sailing community and sailing centre. And opening opportunities for young people with MS to get training at Oure Sailing School


Initiatives to build up an Oceans of Hope Sailing Centre in Copenhagen

It is a long term ambition to establish an Oceans of Hope Sailing Centre in Copenhagen, offering sailing as a means to recapturing identity, meaning and hope in the lives of people with MS – and other people with a heavy existential challenge. We are working on partnerships with other non-profit organisations, patient advocacy groups, municipal, health care institutions etc.


Thank you and warm regards

Mikkel Anthonisen, MD

Founder of Sailing Sclerosis Foundation and Oceans of Hope

 Mikkel Anthonisen