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The First Circumnavigation

Dec 05. 2016

The Sailing Sclerosis Oceans of Hope circumnavigation was the first circumnavigation in a sailboat with a crew of people with MS. Our boat, S/Y Oceans of Hope, set out from Copenhagen in June 2014 and returned in November 2015.

The Oceans of Hope circumnavigation gave hundreds of people with MS their lives back- Thousands of people felt the strong energy and effect of our journey, and millions of people around the world heard about us (estimated media reach of 150 million).

The circumnavigation had the biotech company, Biogen, as our official partner and main sponsor. We are very grateful of the engagement of Biogen and thank them for a very respectful and mutual beneficial partnership that was completed as to our agreement to the satisfaction of both parties. We are now in an intermediate phase to build up our next adventure, the Oceans of Hope Arctic Expedition. We need you support in this phase to keep our boat, S/Y Oceans of Hope

About Sailing Sclerosis Foundation 

Sailing Sclerosis Foundation is a Danish non-profit, non-stock association with the purpose of activating and creating communities of empowerment for people living with MS through sailing and activities related to sailing.