EOS - Empowerment, Onboard Activities/Open Water Events & Simplicity

MOVEMENT Oct 7, 2013, by Mikkel Anthonisen

Eos is the Goddess of Dawn – with saffron-coloured wings. Just like our logo – Oceans of hope.

The arms are the wings of the heart and longing is the heart without wings. Empowerment is about people getting their arms back. It is the feeling of self-efficacy; that you have confidence in your own resources and influence on your own life and situation. These are important factors in experiencing quality of life.

Sailing Sclerosis is about empowerment. You cannot just give empowerment to another person. But you can create a community and a mindset with physical premises in which persons or groups can take empowerment upon themselves.

Sailing Sclerosis is just that. The on-board activities and the Open Water Events we have created and will continue to arrange in Denmark and the rest of the world is about creating the possibility of empowerment.

On board the boat, people with MS will be participants in all tasks needed to drive a vessel around the world: navigation, watches, cleaning, cooking, maintenance work etc. Health and quality of life are key entities focusing also on nutrition, exercise, yoga, music, dancing and other life-affirming activities.

The Open Water Events in the different harbours along the trip around the world will activate the local MS societies and the yacht clubs as well as the affiliates of our Official Partner and create the mindset and physical premises for empowerment.

In doing this we must keep focus on the core values of the project. Keeping the torch high around the world.

“In character, in manners, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We want to excel in this simple message: 

Sailing around the world with people with MS – From disability to ability!

Have a nice day,


This article was written by

Mikkel Anthonisen

Founder, Doctor and Crew