Become a Sponsor

Jun 09. 2014

All the activities of the Sailing Sclerosis Movement depend on support from sponsors, supporters, networks in the sailing world, the MS societies and the work of many enthusiastic volunteers. 

The Sailing Sclerosis Foundation, SSF, is the backbone of our organisation.
We are an independent, non-profit, non-stock association duly incorporated under Danish law and the supervision of the Danish Government. SSF has a professional board of directors and is the legal warranty for our sponsors to support our projects.

Our most ambitious project is Oceans of Hope, the first circumnavigation of the world by a yacht crewed by people with MS. 

Biogen has joined our project Oceans of Hope as principal sponsor and Official Partner. Patients worldwide benefit from its leading MS therapies. 

Are you interested in supporting Sailing Sclerosis? Please contact us