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Oceans of Hope Challenge Turkey 2016

OoH Jan 29, 2016, by Mikkel Anthonisen in Events

Promoter of The Oceans of Hope Challenge Turkey 2016, Robert Munns, and founder of Sailing Sclerosis Foundation, Mikkel Anthonisen, on signing the endorsement agreement.

The Oceans of Hope Challenge Turkey 2016 is turning out to become a great success. Thanks to the initiative and great work of Robert Munns the fifth boat is now to enter the fleet with still a few places vacant.

We therefore encourage everyone living with MS interested in taking up this challenge of sailing a week in Turkey from Saturday 30th April to Saturday 7th May.

As Robert says: "Our aim is to bring people with Multiple Sclerosis together in a sailing environment, helping each other to achieve greatness again".

Robert has himself been part of the circumnavigation with S/Y Oceans of Hope on the long Pacific Crossing from Galapagos to Tahiti.

Endorsed by Sailing Sclerosis Foundation

The Oceans of Hope Challenge Turkey 2016 is a project endorsed by the Sailing Sclerosis Foundation. The foundation aims to support any initiative that helps create an environment for people with MS to empower themselves through sailing and activities around water.

When endorsed by Sailing Sclerosis Foundation a project will receive rights to use the name and branding of Sailing Sclerosis and Oceans of Hope. The foundation will also assist to secure that the project is executed professionally and safely for all parties involved.

We strongly encourage everybody to follow the example of Robert Munns and initiate other Oceans of Hope Challenges around the world or any other event or project that meets our objectives.

For more information about the Oceans of Hope Challenge Turkey 2016 please contact Robert Munns at

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