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OoH May 14, 2016, by Iben Skydt in Yacht

We arrived in Skagen yesterday at 6.30 PM after 24 hours of sailing with various weather conditions. Going from motoring the hole night to hoisting the sails and at the end of the day swell and water in the cockpit. Not to mention water in my bunk - a reminder not to forget to close the hatches..

So far we are spending the day in Skagen, the weather forecast couldn't be any worse. That gives us time to sort out things we didn't have time to do before leaving Copenhagen. After half a year of resting, the muscles of Ocean of Hope seem to need a bit of warming up.

The crew is: Pia Helgogaard, Christel Werenskiold, Susanne Salomon, Iben Skydt, Emil Hahn Pedersen, Mathis Skydt and Mikkel Anthonisen.

In Skagen Susanne and Mathis have left us and Ida Majlund Mikkelsen has come onboard.

A new and unexpected crew has joined us. Ole, a local fisherman gave us fresh fish as a supply to the provision and his wife who suffers from MS joined us for a cup of coffee. A quick decision was made and they will sail with us to Oslo.

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