About the movement

May 28. 2014

Sailing Sclerosis was founded by Doctor Mikkel Anthonisen early in 2013. Mikkel works as a consultant at the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Centre at Copenhagen University Hospital and is also an experienced yachtsman.

Since the launch of the idea, things have moved fast – now collaborating with the Royal Danish Yacht Club, Danish Sailing Association and Danish Disabled Athletes Association. This is reflected in the fact that a lot of people with MS have already started sailing – either for the first time or they have taken it up again.

Oceans of Hope is the flagship project of the Sailing Sclerosis Foundation. It will be the first circumnavigation of the world in a sailing boat with people with MS as part of the active crew. 

Biogen Idec has joined our Oceans of Hope project as Official Partner. Patients worldwide benefit from its leading MS therapies. 

Oceans of Hope is professionally run by a limited liability company, Oceans of Hope ApS, that is wholly owned by the Sailing Sclerosis Foundation.

In the centre of the Sailing Sclerosis movement we have the Sailing Sclerosis Foundation (SSF), a non-profit, non-stock independent association, duly incorporated under Danish law and supervised by the Danish Government. SSF is the legal entity that guarantees professionalism in governing the Sailing Sclerosis projects and therefore making it safe to support Sailing Sclerosis.

About MS

MS is a disabling or potentially disabling disease in the central nervous system. Read more on the  National Multiple Sclerosis Society