About Oceans of Hope

Dec 10. 2016

Our boat, Oceans of Hope, is a Challenge 67 built in 1996 in Devenport, England, to take part in the BT Challenge races ”the wrong way” around the world against the prevailing currents and stormy winds in the Southern Ocean. Made of steel and just above 20 meters of length she is one of the strongest boats ever built to sail around the world.

After the Challenge races, and before being bought by Sailing Sclerosis Foundation, she sailed both the Arctic Sea under the name Arctic Tern and later also the Antarctic region as Pakea Biskaia.

When purchased by Sailing Sclerosis she underwent thorough refurbishment and was surveyed and classified by a ship surveyor to meet the demands of the Danish Maritime Authorities for our circumnavigation. Having sailed approx. 30.000 nautical miles around the world it is now time to give her some love and attention again.

Oceans of Hope Circumnavigation

We have sailed around the world with a crew of people living with MS. By that we have changed the perceptions of MS and shown what is possible even though you live with a chronic disease. We have created communities of worthiness, meaning and hope – and sparkled a new and empowering mindset.

"The ties between us, sailing on Oceans of Hope, have a special healing character - like new nerve fibers replacing those damaged. That´s very strong medicine" - Marie Stjernholm, MS crew



"When I returned home I was a changed man, I started doing yoga and lost 42 lbs. After being out of work for a year and half, I was able to return to my same job that I love. For the first time in my life when someone asks how I am doing, I can reply with Great and mean it! The name “Oceans of Hope” means there is hope for all of us, the boat was simply the vessel to get me there. Thank you from bottom of my heart for giving me my life back!" - Todd Reis, MS crew 



“Being on a boat gives us the opportunity to experience the greatness of life in the midst of our daily chores in a coherent and meaningful way - it makes of understand who we are”
- Mikkel Anthonisen, founder and captain, Denmark

Mikkel Anthonisen