Jan Lyst Knudsen


Jan Lyst Knudsen, 46, lives in Odense, Denmark, has four children and was diagnosed with MS in October 2010.

He works as a Key Account Manager in a major Danish IT corporation, now part time as a result of the diagnose, ”I feel that I'm losing strength in my right side and especially my right leg is hard to control”, he says.

Jan has some sailing experience, but it has always been on small boats and never out on the oceans, and he has a friend who has a boat and is a sailing instructor.

”I have always been physically active but as a result of the MS diagnose I've been forced to give up running. Today I'm trying to stay as active as possible with cycling, power lifting, yoga, TRX, all mixed together and maybe holding/fighting back the disadvantages and drawbacks I'm experiencing from MS”, he says.

Jan loves challenges and pushing himself to the limit, ”No doubt this a challenge for me and I'm very humble and so happy to be a part of Sailing Sclerosis project. I'm very much looking forward to contributing as a team member on the boat and being a part of drawing even more attention to MS worldwide”.

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