Todd Peter Reis


Todd Reis, 38, is from Atlanta, GA by way of Fairfield, CT. He has worked as an IT professional for 18 years prior to his diagnosis, which left him unable to continue working. He is currently enjoying his early retirement by spending time with family and friends.

He plans to enrich his life by volunteering at the Shepherd Center to bring hope to other patients. He was diagnosed with MS less than a year ago. In fact, he’ll be spending his one year MS anniversary on the Oceans of Hope!

Despite being landlocked currently, he loves the water in any form. He grew up sailing with his father, starting as soon as he could walk. He has raced several regattas, even winning quite a few. He feels at home on everything from the littlest Sunfish to 36’ cruiser class sailboats. Even after his family moved away from the ocean, Todd continued to pursue sailing at every opportunity.

In his own words, “Finding out about Sailing Sclerosis was the most exciting thing in my life. I want to continue making sure other people know about it. Being disabled doesn't mean life is over! In fact it can mean life has just begun. I want to inspire people. I want to make sure they see life for what it is – an opportunity for the next adventure.”

Todd feels fortunate to get to share his quirky sense of humor and love of the sea as a member of the crew of Oceans of Hope.

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