Erland Sperlig


When I saw the first information about Sailing Sclerosis from Mikkel Anthonisen, I thought: it is too good to be true!  Now I am ready to join Oceans of Hope – in what I find one of the most interesting legs of the trip. As many others I always dreamt of Galapagos and now I will be arriving there in the most perfect way.  

I’ve been sailing all my life in smaller boats and now we have a Folkboat used for racing and cruising.

I was diagnosed with PPMS in 2009 and I am lucky I can continue sailing the Folkboat and bicycling, even though I do it at another level. I am also glad that I like to make exercises and I have the feeling that training keeps the sclerosis in a distance.

I have a flex-job as a teacher at Lærdansk, a language school for foreign students, workers from abroad and refugees.

 I live in Aarhus, Jutland Denmark with my wife and we have two grown up children.

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